February 2019 – TVW – Talk Wisconsin

Why turn to a financial planner?

What to do if you feel behind.

Do you need a planner if you feel you’re on track in reaching your goals?

How early should you get started?

January 2019 – TVW – Wisconsin Women

What is in a financial plan?

Do you need to have a lot of money invested to do a plan?

It’s never too early to start!

Is a plan just running numbers? No! Let’s talk about your goals!

January 2019 – WI57 – Talk of the Town

Increasing your savings in the new year!

Painless methods to increase savings.

Find the leaks in your budget and spending.

How do you bring in more money?


December 2019 – TVW – Talk Wisconsin

What are some things you can review at the end of the year to improve your plan?

What are small changes you can do to change your financial life?

How much should you have in an emergency fund?