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May 2019 - TVW - Wisconsin Women

What's the scoop with robo-advisers?

What do you look for in an investment adviser?

Why find an investment adviser?

Cut through the jargon and find out what's really going on with your money.

May 2019 - TVW - Talk Wisconsin

Going through life transitions.

What are your expenses?

Getting through some of those pitfalls that come with transitions.

Remember to take a vacation!

April 2019 - TVW - Wisconsin Women

Taking control of your finances.

Stop "shoulding" on yourself! Let's help you move forward.

Getting you organized!

Let's move forward together, because life isn't a straight line.

April 2019 - TVW - Talk Wisconsin

New tax laws, new results.

What to do with that tax refund.

Taking advantage of a work retirement plan.

Are there things you can do with your investments to reduce your tax liability?

March 2019 - TVW - Wisconsin Women

Helping friends or family with finances.

How do you start the conversation?

What if they ask for a loan?

What if their needs are beyond your expertise?

March 2019 - TVW - Talk Wisconsin

Breaking some financial planning myths!

It's not an intimidating experience.

Your financial plan is a tool for YOU, not me.

Sometimes finances are best discussed with an outside party.

February 2019 - TVW - Wisconsin Women

Combining finances with your partner.

How do you get started?

Does everything have to be combined?

Remember to update beneficiaries, life insurance, wills, etc.

February 2019 - TVW - Talk Wisconsin

Why turn to a financial planner?

What to do if you feel behind.

Do you need a planner if you feel you're on track in reaching your goals?

How early should you get started?

January 2019 - TVW - Wisconsin Women

What is in a financial plan?

Do you need to have a lot of money invested to do a plan?

It's never too early to start!

Is a plan just running numbers? No! Let's talk about your goals!

January 2019 - WI57 - Talk of the Town

Increasing your savings in the new year!

Painless methods to increase savings.

Find the leaks in your budget and spending.

How do you bring in more money?

January 2019 - WI57 - Girl Talk

That Complicated Credit Score

What is a good credit score?

How to view your credit report, and how often to look.

How do you improve your credit score?

December, 2018 - WI57 - Talk of the Town

Learn from my first year in business.

Get out of your comfort zone!

What happens when the plan strays off course.

Always keep learning!

Be yourself!

November, 2018 - WI57 - Girl Talk

Keeping your spending under control.

Controlling your emotions when the market starts going up and down.

Less-expensive alternatives for socializing.

Remember there are always trade-offs.

November, 2018 - WI57 - Talk of the Town

Year-End Wrap-up

Ups and downs of the market

What to take care of at the end of the year

Year-end gift ideas

What to look forward to in the new year!

October, 2018 - WI57 - Girl Talk

Financial Fitness!

The importance of forming good financial habits.

Taking care of your whole financial picture.

You are in control! Let's get started!

October, 2018 - WI57 - Talk of the Town

The importance of having a team.

How a plan helps you handle emotions.

Who needs a financial plan?

We all need our team!

September, 2018 - WI57 - Girl Talk

Why that report from your bank doesn't count as your spending plan.

How do you get started with investing?

Where does debt fit in?

What types of accounts are available?

September, 2018 - WI57 - Talk of the Town

Protecting yourself from emergencies.

The importance of an emergency fund.

Review your credit report and your insurance coverage.

Review your estate plan!

August, 2018 - WI57 - Girl Talk

The Financial Planning Process

What is in a financial plan outside of a plan for retirement?

How does a plan help beyond the numbers?

Finding balance through a plan!

August, 2018 - WI57 - Talk of the Town

Checking in after summer.

How often should you rebalance your accounts?

Check in with your credit report.

Review your financial plan!

July, 2018 - WI57 - Girl Talk

Saving for retirement

How much are people saving for their future?

How much should we save?

It's not too late, and never too early!

July, 2018 - WI57 - Talk of the Town

Reactions to financial planning

Can doing a financial plan change your life?

Finding motivation through planning

Daily/weekly tweaks can add up!

June, 2018 - WI57 - Wisconsin Family

Financial Planning for Growing Families

How do you prioritize your spending?

Teaching your child about spending/saving

Often forgotten financial planning topics

June, 2018 - WI57 - Girl Talk

Is financial planning the same as asset management?

Do you need a lot of money to benefit from planning?

Are there non-financial benefits to financial planning?

June, 2018 - WI57 - Talk of the Town

What services do I provide?

What is in a financial plan, and what happens after I've gone through the planning process?

What makes Evolution Financial different?

Who would benefit from financial planning?

May, 2018 - WI57 - Girl Talk

What is financial independence?

What is the first step in starting to plan?

What holds people back from starting?

May, 2018 - WI57 - Talk of the Town

Can someone younger benefit from financial planning?

What are some obstacles to saving?

Is it too late to start saving in my 40's or 50's?

How does financial planning benefit someone who's retired?

May, 2018 - WI57 - Real Estate News

Should you rent or buy a house?

When should you get pre-approved for a loan?

How do you know what you can afford?

Who do you need on your home buying team?

April, 2018 - WI57 - Girl Talk

When to Hire a Financial Planner

Why pay a person when you can get a Robo?

Do you need to be near retirement to get an adviser?

What about when emotions get in the way?

April, 2018 - WI57 - Talk of the Town

Financial Sustainability

How do you become financially sustainable?

Where should you be spending your money?

How fast can sustainability happen?

March, 2018 - WI57 - Girl Talk

What's the first thing people ask me?

How to find someone you can trust.

How to survive a volatile market.

What about market timing?

March, 2018 - WI57 - Talk of the Town

What holds people back from seeking a financial adviser?

Is a volatile market a good time to invest or seek help?

Resources to find an adviser.

February, 2018 - WI57 - Girl Talk

"Can't I just 'Google' it?"

Do all financial advisers do financial planning?

What surprises people about financial planning?

February, 2018 - WI57 - Talk of the Town

What makes Evolution Financial different?

What do we do when the market gets "crazy"?

Do people need to live local to Evolution Financial to work with me?

January, 2018 - WI57 - Girl Talk

How to start your year off right.

What services are offered?

What does ongoing financial planning involve?

December, 2017 - WI57 - Talk of the Town

Why I started Evolution Financial

What is a Fiduciary?

What types of clients I work with.