Services and Pricing

Is it time to get your financial life in order? Are you wondering how to get from here to there...and where is here...and where is there...and is that even where you should be going?

Even beyond the really big picture, there are so many transitions we go through in life, and many of them also involve financial decisions. Whether you are in college, or starting that new job and wondering what to do with the retirement plan, getting married, having a child, going through a divorce, getting ready for retirement, or another new job, or starting a business, or planning for your family or community after you're gone...all of these things involve finances. Together, we will sort through the details and lay out a plan to help you move through the transition as smoothly as possible.

Once we get a working financial plan for you, it's time to turn to your investment plan. With all the different types of accounts and types of funds to invest in, it's good to find the mix of investments that are right for you, and invest in them in a tax-efficient manner.

Investing doesn't have to be complicated, though many will try to convince you otherwise. The goal is to find the right asset mix for you, and to stick with it. That sounds simple enough, but those pesky emotions seem to get in the way, which is why the average investor underperforms the market. It helps to have that trusted adviser to talk to when emotions can get the best of us.

Not all services are listed here. If you would like to meet with me to see how I can help, schedule a meeting so we can talk about the different ways we can work together.