Ongoing Financial Planning

You need to make financial decisions every day…some bigger than others. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone you can turn to who will help you decide how to invest in that new 401(k), figure out how much you should be saving (and in what types of accounts), determine how to save for your children’s college education, figure out what the heck to do with new or old employee benefits, decide whether you should buy that new house/car/boat, determine if you can afford to quit your job and still make ends meet, do you have enough insurance, and is it the right kind…and the list goes on and on. How do you even make the decision on any of these things if you’re not even sure where you stand now?

Our opinions and our ideas on how the world works have come from a lifetime of experiences. The same is true with our opinion of money and what it means to us. Each person is different, and first we must determine your opinions and attitudes surrounding money, and then we can determine a good route forward for you to reach your goals.

After we’ve met to discuss your situation, questions and goals, I'll provide you with a list of documents I will need from you to complete your plan. We'll then work together to develop a personalized financial plan encompassing all of the parts of your financial life that are pertinent to you. This plan will give you a general roadmap forward.

Our relationship doesn’t end with the plan, however. If you simply want a one-time financial plan, I’ll still be there with you for the next 2 months to help you as you work through your tasks to put you on the right path. Should you want our relationship to continue past that, so you can have that resource to help you whenever you need it, we can continue to work together throughout the year. This is quite beneficial as the markets don’t always do what we expect, and it helps to have someone keeping our emotions in check whether the market goes up or down…or even stays the same.


Your initial financial plan will typically be between $2,000-$4,000, depending on the complexity of the plan, and I will provide you with a quote after we meet to discuss your situation and goals. The fee is based on an estimate of the number of hours required to develop and launch the plan, multiplied by the hourly charge of $200 per hour. After the first two months, an ongoing relationship will be an annual fee $1,800 (paid monthly at $150/month).

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