October 2020 – TVW – Talk Wisconsin

Sometimes the retirement plan part of your financial plan is daunting. Not many people take the time to truly know what their goals are.

Figuring out your true goals in life can be life-changing. Once you know them, nothing will stand in your way. We can work together to uncover those goals and make a plan to reach them.

September 2020 – TVW – Talk Wisconsin

Planning for retirement and other goals can be daunting, but life changes to get there don’t have to happen all at once.

Making small changes in your lifestyle, whether that’s spending or saving, can add up to big changes in the long run. Reach out to me and let’s work together to move you forward.

July 2020 – TVW – Talk Wisconsin: Wisconsin Women

You’ve changed jobs and find out you’ve got a retirement plan you can invest in! That’s great news! Wait…did you have one at your last job? Did you invest in that?

If you find yourself with a new retirement plan, I can help you figure out how to invest in that plan in a way that’s right for you, and also find and consolidate those old plans so they are easier to keep track of.

January 2020 – TVW – Talk Wisconsin

How can you manage uncertainty in the stock market?

What types of investments are in a portfolio?

It’s not just about investments…behavior and how you use your money matters.

June 2019 – TVW – Talk Wisconsin

What is in a financial plan?

What are the benefits of having an ongoing financial planner relationship?

What is included in ongoing financial planning?